Flower in pattern


I used this patterns in my Jewellery/Medallion (Blog) and postcards (Blog)


fleur 15

fleur bis 2 15

fleur bis 15

fleur cercle 2 15

fleur cercle15

fleur plein 15

fleur pleon 3 15

illustrated ring


point bagues

Jewelry making of  (Blog)




bague oiseau  15 2


bague oiseau 15

Birds of Paradise

At that time, bird of pradise liorthere was bird of paradise next to the house.


A ce moment la il y avait des oiseaux de paradis à deux pas de la maison. bird card orange

bird of paradise 2

bird of oaradise 1



Flowers from the desert

(ENGL) In the late Winter or early Spring when there is nice rains  we’re liable to get a great year for a beautiful bloom in the desert… Desert flora adapts to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms, much like desert animals.

P1120159 P1120158 P1120150  P1120137 P1120134P1120271 P1120265 P1120256  P1120230 P1120227 P1120214 P1120212 P1120195 P1120166 P1120159 P1120158arbre rond